We are keeping this space especially for old school photos from way back when and appeal to all ex-pupils to scratch through their belongings to see what they can find. Please tell us your name, what year the photo was taken and who the teacher is.

Mark van Rensburg

Std 3, 1972 with Mrs Truter

Std 4, 1975 with Mrs Bouwer

Std 5,1976 with Mr Robberts

1985 with Mr James

1985 with Mrs Mocke

1985 with Mr Robberts

1985 with Miss van Elden (now Mrs Hay)

Alan Bron was a student at BBSPS from 1972 to 1975

Jacky Schutte says she was a pupil at BBSPS from 1978 to 1981

The Hobbit Cast 1981with Mr Ellis

The Wizard of Oz produced by Mr Ellis

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