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At Brighton Beach Senior Primary School each grade 7 learner has an opportunity to  be a Trial Prefect for a specified period. During this time they have the responsibility of leading a class as well as performing a variety of duties. At  the beginning of each period the trial prefects will attend a seminar, where  Grade 7 educators teach them different leadership styles, coping skills and how  to be more assertive when performing their duties. This trial period allows learners an opportunity of personal growth. Some will religiously do their duties and find not being able to spend that time with their friends easy, but for others it will be difficult.

During their trial period they will  encounter many problems and will learn how to cope with these situations. Prefects will work in pairs and each pair will be responsible for controlling  the discipline of a specific class during line-ups. General duties include the  following: Order and Discipline on the playgrounds, monitoring and recording  litter areas, controlling behaviour at the tuck shop, setting up the hall for assemblies, library duties during break, security checks on cars, bicycles and personal belongings. They are also responsible to ensure that learners eat their lunches on the Lunch Veranda and not on the field and must return lost property  to the front office where learners may fetch it. Each pair will be allocated a class teacher who will provide guidance and monitor their development. The final  choice of prefects will be made as usual at the end of the third term

We are proud that our grade 7s behave well and have strong values. They are helpful, polite and good ambassadors for our school. They are proud of their  dress, have a positive attitude and set an example through their behaviour in the class as well as on the sport field.

Prefects for 2016 were announced in assembly on 30 September 2016.

Congratulations to the following boys and girls on being selected as Prefects:

Robyn MacKinnon (Head Girl), Cortney Whitfield (Deputy Head Girl), Naomi Pillay, Bridget Mthethwa, Kayleigh James, Emma Buffard, Trinity Nair, Chante Lemon, Hayley Rossouw, Tasha Govender, Caitlin Odendaal, Georgia Myburgh, Alicia Vorster, Gemmena Drysdale, Nicolae Labistour, Taylor Leemans, Tusani Mthembu (Head Boy), Carlo Ally (Deputy Head Boy) Joshua Botha, Zandre Moolman, Kayde Forbes, Caleb Bezuidenhout, Liam Marshall, Christian Linderboom.

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