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Our Team

I have been associated with Brighton Beach Senior Primary School since I assumed duty as a Grade 7 educator in 1981. In 1995 I was appointed Deputy Principal and in 1998 I was promoted to Principal.

One of the philosophies I strive to live by is to live life to the fullest, to embrace it and to make the most of opportunities that come my way - each challenge faced with determination and the heart and will to succeed. Encouraging this type of attitude, I believe is what makes Brighton Beach Senior Primary a great school.

For our youth to face challenges in the future, they need to become independent, critical thinkers who are able to solve problems through knowledge and understanding. They require entrepreneurial skills and, as mentioned before, a positive, determined attitude.

We strive to create a happy and safe environment in which learners can work, learn, play and grow in harmony. One in which they can realise their potential and grow in self-esteem.Our learners have been given the opportunity to extend themselves in the academic, cultural and sporting spheres and have acquitted themselves well, achieving excellent results.

Brighton Beach Senior Primary has a wonderful team of educators and, as always, it is the enthusiasm and dedication of these educators that has been prominent in enabling us to provide a wide variety of opportunities for our learners.

I pay tribute to every member of staff and say thank you for your excellent support and commitment. Our business is education and we will continue to provide our learners with the high standard of education that has become our hallmark.

"Let us strive for only the Best"

Mrs Louise Hay

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