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Our School

A lovely aerial view of BBSPS also taken in 2006

This photo was taken by a friend from a plane on route to Durban International Airport. BBSPS right in the middle of the photo. (2006)

We care for our environment and make sure that our gardens are in top condition and the school terrain is always neat and tidy..

BBSPS offers a variety of sport to the learners and has extensive sport fields (above). To the left are the cricket nets which help our players to be the best they can be.

The schoolís beautiful big swimming pool is no luxury in the hot Durban climate. Swimming forms a big part of the schoolís sporting activities and learners all take part in the annual swimmers or avid spectators

Our class rooms are big, airy and colourful and create a pleasant environment for our learners to be educated

Gone with the old chalk boards and welcome to the new white boards. In 2007 the school installed 5 of these marvellous white boards. They are computerised boards that run through a laptop and screen projector. It is a touch board work centre, whereby the teacher can write on the white screen with her finger. It is accompanied by surround sound thus DVDís and Music can be played in the classroom. Each grade has a whiteboard and the 5th is in the Media Centre. This opens up a whole new world to our learners.


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