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PO Box 16010

Phone: (031) 467-4880
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460 Marine Drive
Brighton Beach

South Africa


The school, first known as the Brighton Beach Infant Government School, opened its doors for the first time in January 1951 with Mrs M.Bond as Acting Principal and one other teacher, Mrs Y.Nelson.

The school was housed in the hall of St Margaret's Church and was equipped to accommodate 48 learners. On the first school day on 23 January 1951, 11 learners were enrolled; 10 in Class i (Grade 1) and 1 in Class ii (Grade 2).

By 1953 the initial intake had reached Std 2 (Grade 4) and bigger premises had to be found. On 27 May 1953 the building on the present site was occupied under the control of the first Principal Mrs J.M.Wife.

The Brighton Beach Government School (as it was then known) continued to grow rapidly as a full-range primary School and included Std 6 (Grade 8) learners until 1957. The learner population peaked at 550 learners in 1963, after which date the Junior Primary phase was moved to the new Glenardle Infantís School.

Additions have since been made to the original buildings. These include the school hall (1963) the administration block (1965) and the swimming pool (1967). In 2006 we extended the library and added a computer room, which was officially opened on 23 June 2006 by Mr Campbell Fuller (Former Chairman, Governing Body).


The school motto is Lux Nobis Dux. Translated it means "Light is our Guide". It is associated with the lighthouse featured in the upper portion of the badge, which signifies the lighthouse guiding ships to safety in much the same way as knowledge gained at school guides learners through life. The lighthouse featured is symbolic of the Bluff and the close proximity of the school to the lighthouse. The fish represent the dolphins that are often seen in the sea, which is close to the school.


The School Song

Our thoughts shall be forever a tribute unto thee.
Our loyal heart's endeavour shall crown thy memory.
Our path we shall not fear, and while we serve thee here,
We hope and pray that day by day we hold thy honour dear.
God grant, as we grow older, that we increase in grace.
And, growing ever bolder, maintain our rightful place.
Thy fondest memory shall bridge the years to be;
And, by our lives, we shall achieve our tribute unto thee.


Media Centre and Computers.

The schoolís media centre is well equipped with apparatus and aids. There are 4000 non-fiction and reference books with a further 2000 fiction books. Learners are encouraged to read and are taught how to take notes and how to accurately extract information required in self study assignments.

We are very privileged to also have a well equipped computer room. We started with 16 computers and added 20 more in 2006. These get used during lessons as well as after school, to promote computer literacy amongst learners in every grade. The computer room also houses a colour TV and a VCR, which may be used by staff as an educational aid.

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