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Computer Centre

Brighton Beach Senior Primary School

Computer Centre Code of Conduct

1. Eating or drinking is not allowed in the computer centre.

2. Computers must be used with care and the “banging on keyboards” as well as the abuse of the mouse is unacceptable.

3. The settings on the computer may not be altered in any way. This includes the screen settings, desktop settings, screen savers, wallpapers and backgrounds.

4. The computer centre is only open to learners in their designated computer lessons and during extra-mural time. Learners will not be allowed to use the computers before school or during breaks.

5. Learners may not copy programs or install programs on to the computers.

6. Foul language may not be used in any form and the naming of files with inappropriate names is unacceptable.

7. Internet usage is limited:

  • The Internet may only be used when an educator is doing a lesson where the use of the internet is required.
  • During extra-mural lessons the Internet may be used for research purposes only.
  • Only appropriate and/or educational sites may be viewed. Learners who log on to inappropriate sites (such as pornography sites) will be severely punished.
  • Subscribing to sites or ordering goods will not be allowed.

8. The computer centre is a classroom like any other and its main purpose is educate learners in the use of computers, ensuring that they are computer literate and confident to use a computer. To reach this objective there has to be a healthy respect for expensive equipment and self discipline is of paramount importance. Running and “playing the fool” cannot be allowed in this room. The learners will be given a designated seat in the computer centre and they may not wander around.


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