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Admissions Policy



The Admission Policy of Brighton Beach Senior Primary School is in accordance with the S.A. Schools Act of 1996, ďAdmission to public schools.Ē


The purpose of this policy document is to promote and to facilitate the admission of learners to our school. It reflects the constitutional responsibility of government to provide quality schooling for all.


The medium of instruction at Brighton Beach Senior Primary School shall be English.


The fundamental principle of admission to basic education to all is guaranteed by the Constitution. Every child has the right to access to basic education and the right to equal admission to all to educational institutions as determined by the Constitution, Educational Law and the South African Schools Act. No learner may be turned away or refused admission to a school on the basis of race, gender, sex, ethnic or social origin, religion colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, conscience, belief, culture, provable inability to pay school fees and language preference.


4.1 Admission requirements for this school shall not unfairly discriminate in any way, particularly on groundsof race, gender, sex, ethnic or social origin, colour, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, conscience, belief, culture or language.

4.2 No learner shall be refused admission to this school on the grounds that his or her parent:

  • has not paid the school fees determined by the governing body under section 25 of the Schools Act for which the parent is liable;
  • does not subscribe to the mission, goals or objectives of the school; or
  • has refused to enter into a contract with the school, which excludes the liability of the school to the parent arising out of circumstances relating to the education of the learner.

4.3 An application for the admission of a learner to Brighton Beach Senior Primary School shall be made to the principal of the school.

4.4 This school allows learners to enrol and serve their educational needs without discrimination in any way.

4.5 Brighton Beach Senior Primary School does not apply an admissions test to determine the suitability of the candidate.

4.6 Subject to the Schools Act and any applicable provincial regulations, the Governing Body of this school has determined the admission policy of Brighton Beach Senior Primary School.


The Principal or deputy or any other delegated person will be responsible for the administration of admission to this school. District offices will inform the principal of procedures to be followed. Education co-ordinators will support the principal in this.


Learners who are presently registered at the school must in principle remain in the same school and need not register annually. All registrations must be complete by the 10th school day of the year. The following categories of learners must register:

6.1 Learners who have completed the highest grade in their present school, e.g. from junior primary to senior primary school etc.

6.2 Learners who want to be admitted by reason of relocation or transferrals.


All documents including the following: birth certificate, transfer card, last school report, medical card, proof of residency and enrolment fee will be carefully checked and verified before an admission is carried out. It should also be asked if the learner has been suspended from his or her previous school. A birth certificate or a study permit for non-residents must be shown to determine the age of the learner. Learners who canít furnish an identity document must present the necessary documentation before the end of the first term to allow the parent to obtain the necessary documentation from the Department of Internal Affairs.


Learners must be age appropriate. Average ages are:

Grade 4 10/11

Grade 5 11/12

Grade 6 12/13

Grade 7 13/14

Exception to be made at the discretion of the Principal. When the parent of a learner lodges an application for admission to this school and such learner is three or more years older than the average for the particular age group, the Principal and governing body will decide if the learner should be admitted to the grade group application was made for. It must be remembered that certain educational motivations exist why learners should be within a certain age group for a specific grade. Learners of school age who didnít attend school for a period of time or learners who never attended school should be brought to the attention of the District Co-ordinator.


Learners who live in the natural feeder area of the school must get priority with admissions. It means that the school, which is geographically nearest to a learnerís street address, is the school that the learner should attend. A municipal account could be used as proof of the learnerís street address.

Pupils will be drawn primarily from the Bluff community as defined by the School zone namely: Foreshore Drive and Marine Drive; Treasure Beach, Beach Road; Bluff Road.

To live in a schoolís natural feeder area simply means priority when an application is lodged for admission to a school and it does not imply that a learner from outside of the school feeder area will be refused admission to the school.

The following important principles are also to be considered.

9.1 The number of classrooms multiplied by 32, determines the number of learners this school could accommodate. If the particular grade group is filled to capacity, we will refer a learner to nearest school in the vicinity.

9.2 Work address of parents: The work address of parents, which falls within the natural feeder area of the school, could not be regarded as the permanent street address of the learner. This can only be when the school has accommodation available for such a learner. A light and water account could also be asked as proof of residence.


School fees are compulsory and the governing body determines the amount of school fees the school could raise. For most schools, the State at these schools only pays the educatorís salaries and the parents are responsible for all other expenses. Parents who thus enrol their children in this school are lawfully liable for the payment of the school fees. No learner may however, be refused admission to a school if the parent is unable to pay the school fees. These parents should complete an application form for a subsidy by the State.

11. All school rules shall be adhered to by the learners, parents must sign acknowledgement of receipt of the school rules

12. The Admission Contract must be completed and signed by Parents.

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