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Active Arts

Active Arts Evening 2016

One of the annual highlights on the Brighton Beach Senior Primary School calendar is the Active Arts Evening where learners showcase their talents.  Learners are given the  opportunity to participate in the Speech and Drama festival. They are given the opportunity to select the category they want to enter in and then  prepare their own speech, dance sequence or select a poem which they recite to an adjudicator from the Speech and Drama Association who visits BBSPS to adjudicate. 

This year two performances were held on 25th May and 26th May.

Comperes for the evening were Cortney Whitfield, Naomi Pillay and Trinity Nair.

Congratulations  to the dedicated, hardworking staff and a special Thank You to Mrs. Snyman for organising the event.

Mrs Hay announced that Ms Kasaval will be leaving BBSPS and that this was her last performance.  The choir was outstanding as always.

Grade 6ST: Senior winners of the interclass singing competition.

Gr4 TW: Junior winners of the interclass singing competition.

Andisiwe Khuluse, Jordel Roskrudge, Gabriella Bonnnini and Raeven Phillips were some of the individual performers.

Grade 6 ST : choral verse: This Taxi is going places Bru!

Grade 7 DS Choral Verse: With his mouth full of food.

Grade 7 DW Choral verse: Nuwe skoolrels

Grade 5DC Choral Verse:  The Crocodile

Grade 5SG Choral Verse: Id like to meet an Alien

Gr 6 VW Choral Verse: Its finally Friday!

Gr4 MP Choral Verse: My Sintuie

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