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Book character day was great fun!  Rachel Whitfield as Mary Poppins.

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Welcome to the Brighton Beach Senior Primary School web page. 

We once again appeal to all to submit news about our learners and to send photos, with a little write up, taken at the various sporting and cultural events. Please do not hesitate to contact us at the link below. 

We still have a few gremlins to sort out.  This is a new version of the program that we are using and no matter what we try, the apostrophes and dashes show up as errors.  We apologise for that and hope to find a solution soon.

Updates will appear under What is new.  Also on the achievements page you will find the merit awards that were handed out at the end of the term.  Well done to all those learners!


Annamarie Nicol

Your Webmaster

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Do you have a contribution to the web? Want to share some news or some photos, want to know more about the school or register your children at the school, then contact them at the link below

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